Why it’s good to talk to oneself.

Talking to yourself, according to me, i.e. self proclaimed professional on diagnosing amusing idiosyncrasies, has a number of benefits. Enough at least, for me to have compiled a list of all those that  deemed worthy. (Or could think up of, which ever sounds more professional to you.)

Ah yes. You may have noticed it, or if you haven’t which means that you don’t care, which is technically true, that most of my posts included yours truly talking or in this case, typing, to myself. Hold it right there you judgmental brainwashed interwebz user! I’m not a lunatic or a person who’s losing it! I’m perfectly sane! Talking to myself is self made decision. Though I advise you to note the difference between someone who’s talking to an imaginary friend they can “see” or is hearing voices and someone who’s just talking to oneself because they want to.

Well here’s a list of reasons why talking to oneself is justifiable.

1. It’s therapeutic.

What! Therapeutic? Are you making that up? That’s probably what you’re thinking isn’t it? Well guess what. Sometimes life gets lonely and you have no one to talk to. Well guess what again. There is actually someone. That is you! well to be honest, I don’t talk to myself because I’m lonely, because I’m not. But I do it because it’s fun and honestly it’s pretty reassuring to hear someone call you awesome.

2. You don’t have to worry about your pronunciation. You know this. :P

3. You don’t have to worry about making a fool out of yourself.

4. You can talk on endlessly and hear what you want right back.

5. You have a companion who’s as lifeless as you.

6. It’s nice really.


Ok, I’m going to be honest. Though I don’t need to be, because well res ipsa loquitur. Simple put, I made the above up and everyone knows that.

Why I took the time and effort to make up a seemingly purposeless list, I don’t know.

Just as you will never know why you exist. Or why you do the things that you do.

Or whether your birth was planned or accidental. (Sometimes people lie.)

Or whether what you’re doing right now is actually worth it.

What happens after you die?


Haha :P

I’m just joking. Go live your happy content lives. It’s the best. Don’t question anything. Don’t look for anything out of the ordinary. Don’t wonder why we do what we do and why we live to disappear. It’s all pointless anyway. ^_^

Good night.

This is more of a song than a poem. :)


All my happiness is wasted on you.
You who are never around,
to lend me a holding hand.
I smile all the time,
Just to see things through.
Makes me tired how life feels like the blues.

I was always told to believe
that one day he’d come riding
on his sleek white horse
and I was,
fool enough to buy it all,
because now I see-

I see-

A prince who’s going to find another princess.
I’m just a stranded, lonely wanderer listening,
to all those tales of love,
tales of joy,
and I’m the one in the corner,
giving my own blessings.

Now I know.

I cam’t help but smile when you walk by,
it slips on to my face,
as easy as a glove, that’s been
spun of spider webs, because that’s how I feel.
I’m caught in a web,
I spun out for someone else,
I can’t break free of all these tangling bits,
that’s why i say,
All my happiness is wasted on you.

Don’t you worry dear,
I won’t scare you any more.
I’m fine, I’ve always been fine.
Keep your tale to yourself,
throw my blessings in the back,
I’m clearing up some space,
to find my own.

A dawn.

Posted on: June 8, 2014

Love, it’s not a lie.

I am in love with you,

and everyday I fall in love more so.


Is this excitement?

The feeling of a possible start?

I am just, an innocent bystander.

Will you do me the favour,

of a dance?


Oh, we wait all our lives,

in bated breath.

We dream of magic and eternal love.

But when the truth unveils itself,

our greatest fantasies shatter.


But to me,

you are more than just a human.

You are a mystery,

I don’t understand.


We live and we die,

so can you take this chance?

I know that you’re tired,

of hearing those words,

and I admit,

I don’t understand them well either,

but I’m willing to raise the stakes.


Don’t look away.


Posted on: June 7, 2014

Hello readers, 

I’ll be going home in a few days. Before that I’ll have to overcome two huge hurdles though. My history exam and constitutional law exam. But of course, no one wants to hear me rant about that.

I’ll be travelling alone for the first time. Given that I just turned 19 a few months ago, one would assume that I’ve had plenty of opportunities to travel alone, but no. Being the youngest, I’ve always had someone to escort me home. Sounds spoilt, but it’s really simple. Anyway. Many of you may have noticed the romantic leanings that my poems seem to take the form of. I’ve always wanted to be an objective writer (of course not objective literally. But at least attempt to go above my own biases, knowing that I can never leave them behind. I won’t go into the talk about objectivism here haha) but I’ve never been able to completely discard my tendencies completely. Of course, I would have much lesser of a problem doing this if I wasn’t such a hopeless romantic..but yea..

Don’t know how this turned into a rant about objectivity, but I’l take my leave now.

I want to find you,

I do.

I want to hold you in my arms.

I want to love you,

more than anything.

I want to kiss your lips,

and wave goodbye.


Believe me,

I’m searching,

everyday, every night.

I know it seems like a lost cause,

but just hold on…,


I want to blow away dandelions with you,

under the soft sun as we laugh.

I want to tell you I love you.

I want to hear you say the same.


And I know,

It might seem strange and alien,

but I can already see everything.

Now and forever more I see,

a world for the two of us.


I want to rest my head,

on your shoulder.

Hear you laugh and sip your coffee.

I guess it’s too unreal to be real.


So here I stand searching.

It feels like as if jealousy is consuming me from within.

I want to stop it but I can’t. I see no remedy. I only fear.

Fear loss, Fear losing, fear ineptitude. I fear.

And the resulting feeling of heaviness in my stomach is burdening me.

My friend grunts from her corner of the room, but all I feel is annoyance.

Why? I wish I didn’t have to hear those constant sounds.

It’s annoying.

Oh, how I want and long for things I cannot have.

Can we be silent?

Somebody’s speaking.

I think we can all hear the voice.

Are we too keep silent?

It sounds alien,

Yet there are many who fall prey to it.


World peace, equality, hard-work.

I don’t think you get it.

All you need is belief.

I don’t think you understand.

We’re all not the same?


Even if the path looks like,

it’s all concrete and sturdy.

Even if the sun looks like,

it won’t asphyxiate us someday.


Listen, understand, laugh, love.

You’re not someone who understands.

There’s no fine line that saves,

Only fine lines between relations.

But you love too much,

you feign ignorance,

That petulant pout, which you reserve for all.


Idealist, realist, conformist, rebel.

Does it really matter?

We all hear the voice,


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