Hello my dear readers! I’ve decided to start this little writing exercise which will work as an incentive to get me to write more. The exercise will span 31 days or 31 short stories and the topic chosen will be two random words paired together.

That aside, I read my old posts and I’m surprised to see that not much has changed in my life. I’m still gratefully happy and content and single (:/) and things seem to be going smoothly as of now. Ah well, I doubt I’ll grow up any time soon.

Random tidbit for the day: Hamid Karzai was the first democratically elected President of Afghanistan. He is a Pashtun and has been succeeded by Ashraf Ghani. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul.😉

Hello my dear readers (if there are any of you left!).

Another year finds itself gone and I find myself typing on this battered old laptop again. I turned 21 a few months ago when the cheeks of 2016 were still supple and pink. I finished my third year! It flew by, as usual. It was supposed to be a long dreary year, but certain things happened which I never expected would!

I met this cute boy who met all my expectations and then decided to “un”meet them.(A date, the non-fruit kind, and all.)

I’m closer than ever with that one close friend I thought I lost. :’D

I interned at the High Court which was in another state and had a ridiculous amount of fun. (Not enough to shake the FOMO out of me though – those corporate lawyers.)

I worked as a student researcher studying the implementation of a certain Act in the State I live in! (Very fun, but the administration is terrible!)

I read a ton of educational books. (The age of non-fiction has finally dawned on my intellectual parvenu mind.)

I filled in 4 diaries with my experiences. (Summarized neatly in one liners, which is making me pant right now.)

I very recently went on a road trip, which turned out to be more road trip than I thought it would be.😦

Well, that’s it in brief. It doesn’t seem like much and it isn’t but I had a blast last year. It makes me think that it’s a real pity that I’ll have to get a job soon. I passed all my courses like I normally do, but I’ve been wondering if that’s a bad move as a lot of my friends failed a few on purpose to give the make ups and get a better CGPA. (Which they ended up getting. :/).

Anyway, the cute boy is in another continent now and he has moved the hell on with his life. It makes me wonder if I should be more ambitious. I didn’t particularly like him but he did teach me a lot. I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone of late. I went for a write club meet up but it wasn’t the most fun.😦 Anyway, see you in the future dear readers.🙂 Thank you for reading this!



It’s funny how memories come and go. They’re there one moment and gone the next. The skies which look blue one day are forgotten the next. A beautiful song that moves you one night is lost when dawn comes. There’s nothing to grab onto or hold onto. When you stare at all the endless memories being made and being forgotten. Lives forged. Lives changed. Lives lost. Lives lived. People known. People discarded. All a part of one self which is reckless and careless.


Sometimes when I listen to that forgotten song or see that lost sky I remember and the feeling washes over me inside with a warm mist that moves inside reminding me of days and nights and things that disappear with it.

My mother’s child was beautiful,

and the hole in her womb, amber.

I watched her walk blindly,

and sometimes caught a flash of her soul,

glimmering from inside that hole in her womb.

Just a flicker and it would disappear,

that was my mother’s soul.


Father’s eyes were darker,

as if stained with the restlessness

of long sleepless nights.

In that darkness I’d see,

the wasted attempts of powdered soporifics,

but no hint of salvation.


In the mirror by the banyan,

I’d often glimpse myself,

An angry, evil, conceited child,

from whose skin selfishness echoed.

In the evenings I’d touch myself,

and feel the lack of warmth.

Sometimes the soul seemed colder

than the glass on the wood.


Two yards away from the banyan,

Lived my younger brother.

The only light I seemed to see,

the only warmth that graced my life,

seemed to come from that battered gilded box,

buried beneath the weedy soil.


Hello readers, it’s been a long time since I last posted something.

I started this blog when I was 18 years old, young, naive and freshly initiated to a law school. I had grandiose plans about the future. I felt emotions strongly. I was blunt, honest, couldn’t see past most basic human behaviour. I wrote passionately about my emotions and my wish for love and friendship. 2 years later, here I am. I turned 20 sometime ago and I’m about to complete my second year in Law School.

You are probably curious about the changes that must’ve occurred during this period. See, when I first came to law School I was looking for:

1. Love

2. Friendship

3. More to this life

4. Exposure to life.

What did I get?

1. I certainly did not find love, haha! No I am not sad. In fact I have stopped searching for it. What has instead grown within me, is a strong feeling of self love, acceptance of myself and an inner confidence. A little independence. I have learnt to stop yearning for the fairy tale love I have always been searching for. I knew all the while that it was unreasonable, but I was willing to give way to rationality and reason when the time came.

2. Friendship. Ah. That sweet word. During my two year stay I have lost my first close friend in law school. I have learnt about the intrinsic goodness of most humans. I have learnt not to be averse to talking to people I do not  know well. I have learnt that people have shells placed around them that a simple smile, a conversation and some time can break apart. I have found a new friend in place of a new one. A friend who does not expect much from me but my trust, loyalty and honesty. I have found a friend who I long to help and be there in times of her need. A friend who is rather selfless and I wil work. I will work so that I do not lose her.

3. You may have inferred from the above that my belief that there is more to this life has been cemented. I will travel and I will live and I will be alive. I now do things I normally wouldn’t have done. I do things I enjoy even if they do not become me. (nothing incredibly unhealthy of course).. I plan to get lavender dip dyed hair, an idea I was always skeptical about  because I thought that it would’t suit me. But now I’ve realized that something as trivial as that shouldn’t hold one back. The fact that society has a problem with someone doing something they like simply because it does not seem visually appealing to them. Haha, I know you expected more than just matters concerning hair, but I had to post this because it depicts more. It shows the break from ones previous doubts and fears. I had always been one to ambassador the cause of a rich society free life, but now  I can actually do it. It’s more ideological than physical, but it marks a step to something more.🙂 I have also begun to read a lot more. Of late, the human anatomy has been an interest of mine and I cannot help but feel excited thinking about advancing my knowledge in that sphere! I like law man. Haha!

4. Exposure huh. Recently I talked to Podrick Payne in a public fan gathering. It seems silly, but for someone who is stricken with nervousness in the presence of the public I fought my fears for- yes, a celebrity haha, please do not think I am a naive person😄. These events actually mold your life. It made me more comfortable with speaking in public later and this year when I moot, yes I’ll do it again, I’ll speak with confidence and strength. I also traveled a bit, will be travelling to a different state with only my friends, which is a big move for someone who has lived in a cloistered environment as I have. So you see, things are changing slowly. That aside, I have read a lot of different theories and philosophies and takes on life. I no longer believe in things when I read them from an unaccredited source. I no longer judge things without thinking about it carefully and applying logic and reason to it. I read the news more often now, though it sometimes depresses me. Overall, I have developed a yearning for knowledge that unfortunately other procastinat-ive things hold back from me. But there is time and after exams I aim to master art and other areas.

You may have noticed that most of the things that impacted me heavily were little, seemingly unimportant things. Well that just goes to show that little things mold a person over time.

I have my exams going on at the moment but I hope to upload more literary pieces of mine here. Yes, one thing that did happen was that law school clogged my pen and as a result I almost lost one of my dearest talents. Well, I’m here to stay!!

Dear readers, if you ever find yourselves in times of doubt and uncertainty, be brave, stand up tall and fight back! You can do it. I truly believe in all of you. Let our belief in each other fill our lives with positivity and happiness. There is so much to life, be sure to tap your potential and that of life. Don’t let your jobs hold you back. if you love something you will make time for it. Like how you do not pick up that hobby you like because “there is no time” but spend 4 hours watching cat videos on You-tube.😛

Hey. do it.🙂

Blow blow softly at the glass,

watch the blurry blurry world.

Draw the image of your mind,

And smile as your favourite song comes on.


Watch the mist slowly fade,

Talk soft things to yourself,

Wipe away the tinted glass,

And cry as you stare at wrinkled hands.

Flames lap up my clothes.

Flames burn my scorching skin.

Flames weave their arms around me.

Flames coax out a voice buried in disapproval,

Flames draw my fate and signal the draw of the curtain.

Flames eat me from the outside while my soul dies from the inside.

Flames speak to me silently as the world stares on aghast at my dance.

When my eyes shut, the world shall light up in flickers and when I’m gone, so will my flames.